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Amazing Frog Skins

Hi everyone. My name is Tim. I and my close friend Jannet are one of the biggest fans of The Amazing Frog game. For game's big fans like us, we offer something cool.

Custom Frog skins

We know the way how to create and add to the game custom skins. We already created more than 100 custom skins and made Amazing Frog funner. We have Batman, Naruto, Ninja, Lego, Mr Bean and more other skins. You can get them all.
We also can create custom skin exclusively for you. It will take 10 days. In the result, you'll get files with your skin and detailed setup instruction.

Detailed walkthrough

We know all secrets and easter egg in every level of Amazing Frog. If you want to know it all, just buy our detailed walkthrough 4-hour video.

Advertising on website

This website is very popular among Amazing Frog fans. We can add your advertise on every page of the website.


Pack of skins $10
Exclusively designed skin $20
Detailed walkthrough video $7
Advertising on website Starts from $10

For further information and personalized ideas about advertising, please shoot us via this form or email: [email protected]