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  • v f0.2.9a Release 7/26/2018

    Did you miss Amazing Frog? Then you must keep an eye on the latest Devblog 022 + Hotfixes f0.2.9a. It’s the second part of fixes for Amazing Frog? : The Magical Mystery Toilet.

    The players have been complaining about the exploding cars, a bit strange physics while jumping through objects, and no rewards in numerous cases. So we are working on all these bugs, and it really takes a lot of time to test all these aspects.

    Except bug fixing, we also added some cool stuff to The Magical Mystery Toilet update. We hope you’d like it when it comes to playing it.

    We also plan to update the splash screen at online store page. Really, there are so many superb screenshots and walkthrough videos which we receive from you that we definitely should take them for the store. With plenty of your screenshots, we can learn what you like the most about the game, what is the funniest in it, and what bugs should be fixed as well.

    These screenshots also show us how many things and activities are there to discover in Amazing Frog? Some of them we didn’t even suspect to be possible.

    When we were making our hotfixes, we paid attention to the game graphics and its physics. We want them both to become more capable for your convenience.

    We have a focus on developing V3 that is a careful process which demands a lot of time and accuracy. You will notice V3 benefits with its improved controls. We must confess, the major part of the 2017 year was dedicated to V3 development.

    In our nearest plans, to make V3 online playable. We do not want to replace V2 with V3 entirely, so you will get an opportunity to play them separately.

    In our nearest plans, to make V3 online playable. We do not want to replace V2 with V3 entirely, so you will get an opportunity to play them separately.

    Amazing Frog? is still at the stage of development and we promise you to release it as an online multiplayer game very soon. Stay tuned for Amazing Frog? : The Magical Mystery Toilet updates!

  • v f0.2.8b Release 7/27/2017

    Welcome to the second part of Amazing Frog? f0.2.8 - Who Let The Frogs Out?For us f0.2.8 was a big mile stone for lots of different reasons.

    FrogLife™ - Our main focus this time has been FrogLife™. FrogLife™ is the Artificial Stupidity System (A.S.S.) responsible for how the frogs of SwindonShire … er think…Worried your computer can’t handle the new Population? Don’t worry, we have added a Population Density Slider in the Settings App to control how many NPC frogs you have around Swindon… if any :) We are always looking for ways to optimise Amazing Frog? and improve its scalability for high powered and low powered machines. we are working in stages and this will improve and we move forward.The Swindon Constabulary is very much in its infancy, but with every town with a rising population, certain civil services are imperative.

    Updates for your fPhone - The operating system for the fPhone has had an update to help with various aspect, but more importantly we have added some apps for you to play with, Including The GemSmash and Time Trial Apps…

  • v f0.2.8a Release 7/25/2017

    Happy Holidays every one. This is The Holiday Rush Update for Xmas 2015. I’m going to keep this short, its 4 am here. We both really wanted to get f0.2.8 out before Xmas, but its not ready yet. But we couldn’t bear the thought of not doing a Xmas Update - So this is it

    In usual fashion I have just made it live and I think its best to just go and mess about in the game to get a feel for whats going on, But today its worth mentioning a few things.

    SteamOS Amazing Frog? is now Linux too. We have now taken the jump to support Linux as well as OS X and Windows. so Amazing Frog? is now available on the three platforms.

    Ammunition!! We are concerned this will be an issue for some. when you have been used to infinite ammo of so long and now you have to go o a vending machine or smash crates to get ammo. There is plenty of ammo around Swindon. Ammo has been introduced, because of where we are taking the game we didn’t feel infinite ammo was a good way to go. It certainly changes the process of death matching…

  • v f0.2.7 Release 7/24/2017

    As many of you have noticed we released the Technology Update (f0.2.7) for Amazing Frog? Last week. Thanks so much for the feedback. As ever you guys are awesome.We have been very busy this past week making fixes and finishing of a few things which didn’t make the update in time. We will get that out as soon as possible, so stay tuned for another update pretty soon. Thank you to every one posting bugs, ideas and observations, Minecraft replicas! and illuminati guides in the Community. We are listening and always appreciative.So here, one week late is the official announcement for The Technology Update.

    fPhone - Introducing the fPhone. You all know where we are heading, we all want Amazing Frog? to be playable online, this is no secret. Rather than jumping straight in we need to get all the right “kit” in place. Since we launched Amazing Frog? on Steam Early Access…

  • v f0.2.6 Release 6/7/2015

    We seem to be Developing a habit of announcing the new updates after we have actually released them. This is mainly because I am much more comfortable programming than writing announcements. We put out f0.2.6 which this weekend, it was f0.2.5, but was then updated with some “Friday Fixes”. This is a big milestone for Amazing Frog? A more optimized Swindon.

    After a lot of fundamental changes, this has been our toughest update so far. Among many things we really wanted to make a performance boost and I hope this has worked, we have had a few problems and we have been hot fixing and testing like crazy and we may still output a few more quick updates over the next week or so. If you have problems with Amazing Frog? do come and tell me on any of your preferred channels...

  • v f0.2.4 Release 3/28/2015

    Hello Again, welcome back to Swindon, home of Amazing Frog? We have big plans for the cats of Swindon. Lets face it the first step to becoming a Super Hero is finding lost Kittens :) . For now the Cats have just come to say Hello.

    The inhabitants of Swindon have been calling out for more fashion in the town.

    The truth is we love dressing up frogs. We have been working on a library of quite extensive fashion capabilities for the frogs of Swindon. Alas, our frog customisation system is only one part of a growing web of larger game systems for Amazing Frog? that are not quite ready to put into the game...